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        Usually, we offer the sample at freight charge, when the first sample is required. Once an order is placed, we will responsible for the sample and related documents' freight charge.

        As glass perfume bottles are fragile during transportation, we usually offer more bottles than order quantity. The goods can be delivered in 35 days to 40 days after receiving your deposit.

        If there is any problem with our products, please send us the sample and pictures which can show the problems. We will solve the problems in 15 days.

        Other special services
        We can manufacture our glass perfume bottles using private moulds, and the color and logo printing, etc. are customizable. We can also offer OEM service.

        Main Products
        • ABS Cap (UV Plated) Material: ABS+PP INNER
          Item No.: 501
          Neck size : 18mm
          Use: The ABS Cap (UV Plated) is a personal care product and is ideal for use on perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles.
        • SURLYN Bottle CapMaterial: SURLYN
          Item No.: 638
          Neck Size : 15mm
          Use: The SURLYN Bottle Cap is a personal care ideal for use on perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles.
        • Cream JarOur cream jar is made of glass, and is an ideal container for cosmetics and perfumes as well. The decoration for our cream jar include spraying, frosting, silk screen printing..
        • Roll-On Bottle Material: The roll-on bottle is made of glass
          Sealing Type: Pump Sprayer
          Decoration: sprayed, frosted, silk screen printed, hot stamped, metal brushed
        • K Resin Cap Material: K RESIN
          Item No.: 544
          Mould type: Public
          Use: The K Resin Cap is a personal care product and is ideal for use on perfume bottles...