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        Add.: 218 changjiang road, Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China
        Tel.: +86-510-8640 9394
        Fax: +86-510-8640 9393
        Email: GARYZHAO252@VIP.163.COM,

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        Main Products
        • SURLYN Bottle CapMaterial: SURLYN
          Item No.: 638
          Neck Size : 15mm
          Use: The SURLYN Bottle Cap is a personal care ideal for use on perfume bottles and cosmetic bottles.
        • Cream JarOur cream jar is made of glass, and is an ideal container for cosmetics and perfumes as well. The decoration for our cream jar include spraying, frosting, silk screen printing..
        • Roll-On Bottle Material: The roll-on bottle is made of glass
          Sealing Type: Pump Sprayer
          Decoration: sprayed, frosted, silk screen printed, hot stamped, metal brushed
        • K Resin Cap Material: K RESIN
          Item No.: 544
          Mould type: Public
          Use: The K Resin Cap is a personal care product and is ideal for use on perfume bottles...
        • 100ml-500ml Glass Perfume BottleA perfume bottle not only comes in varied sizes, shapes, and weights, etc., it also comes with different materials. In addition to glass bottles, there are...